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I don't know if you've ever heard of the "wet and messy" or "WAM" fetish, but if you haven't,
just know that many people find the fetish to be quite sexy (I get emails from them every day -- guys and girls!)
Not many women out there are willing to go FULLY NUDE and do EXPLICIT things while wet and messy -- BUT I SURE DO!
See me do any wet and messy thing you want me to do! Come join my wet and messy site today.


Apple Pie Crotch Eating
Imagine a girl eating right of your lap... slurping, sucking, and her face covered in goo (before you even have a chance to do it to her!)
Messy Kelly makes your fantasy come true in this scene. She goes down on an apple pie face-first, right out of your lap.
You want her even messier, so you mess up her face with cherry pie filling.
What goes great with pie? Milk! Ice cold milk! You squirt off all over her face, filling her mouth up with your leche.
Isn't it good that Messy Kelly is so bad for you? See the whole video inside.
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"Wow! This was great. I loved shooting this scene. Especially the feeling of the pie covering my whole head.
But I gotta talk to these guys about how COLD THE MILK IS... they play wth me. I never know what they'll hit me with during a scene!"
- Kelly
Full-face Bean Dunking
I'm sure that at some point in your life, there's been a girl that you would just love to dunk FACE FIRST into a huge bowl of baked beans, just to teach her a lesson. Well, Messy Kelly has been bad... and she needs to be taught who's the boss. You tease her, as she begs not to be dunked into the cold mess. But you don't listen. You turn Kelly into a messy baked bean disaster. Good thing we were there to film it all.
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"I've never been a big fan of baked beans and now I think I know why!
Why did you do this to me? LOL -- hey, it was pretty cool having them dumped into my panties! Nice and squishy on my clit!"
- Kelly
CAKE MEETS ASS! (plus a surprise pieing!)
We all love thinking about a hot babe sitting her ass down on a beautifully decorated cake. Kelly willingly obliges us in this fantasy and even spreads her pussy open so we can see all the cake and icing mess inside her. Of course we have a surprise for her though -- a nice cream pie to the kisser! What a fucking rush it was smearing her pretty little face with that pie! Messy Kelly, being the sick little puppy that she is, enjoys it of course, rubbing it all over her titties and mouth. What a girl!
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"I love cake sitting! Thinking about doing it gets me almost as wet as doing it. I love the squish of the cake on my ass!
Just as I was getting worked up, those bastards got me with a pie!! I'll get even!"
- Kelly
Chained, Milked and Syruped
Messy Kelly has been bad again... this time we have her in chains and lead her into the detention center for a grilling, or should I say a "milking!" We spray her in the face with a squirt bottle loaded up with ice cold milk, then after toying with her for a while we dump the whole bottle onto her head. Then, for good measure, we dump a bottle of strawberry syrup on her head to wrap up. Yummy!
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"Honest, I had NO IDEA what they were going to do to me in this one. The only thing I know is that they always
have fun with me, doing whatever members ask. So why not join and ask me to do something for you?"
- Kelly
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